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What book are you currently reading?

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Membre inconnu - créé le 01/01/2008 à 22h12

I guess the subject speaks for itself ;D

I'm currently reading "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker.

What about you?

Finou - 44 ans - France métropolitaine - posté le 02/01/2008 à 08h17
Hors ligne

I'm currently reading the last Harry Potter !!!!



Membre inconnu - posté le 05/01/2008 à 13h23

currently i'm reading "Baka" by Dominique Sylvain.

I finished th last harry potter, it's fantastic ^^

Membre inconnu - posté le 25/01/2008 à 15h54

I am reading ''The Hades Factor'' by Robert Ludlum. I am intrigued by his writing. I have got one of Danielle Steele's novels waiting to be read. The title is ''Journey''.

Membre inconnu - posté le 13/02/2008 à 20h51


I'm currently reading "Harm Done" (Sans dommage apparent) by Ruth Rendell, a famous english crime writer.

Yesterday, I finished "The House upstairs" (La maison aux Escaliers) and I liked it very much. It seems to be its best book (?)...

Valedda - 53 ans - Autriche - posté le 28/02/2008 à 08h57
Hors ligne

Arto Paasilinna - Collective Suicide

Well, it appears to me that the books hasn't yet been translated from Finnish into English - I read it in German: "Der wunderbare Massenselbstmord". The French title is "Petits suicides entre amis". The book is less morbid than the title makes believe - actually it's funny!

It starts with two Finns meeting in a shed the morning after midsummer - one is about to hang himself and the other walks into the shed to shoot himself. The two of them start to talk and eventually they put an ad into the paper searching for other Finns tired of life. They hold a seminar in a tavern in Helsinki and then the hard core (about 30 people) of those who had answered to the ad (about 600) decides to commit a collective suicide and starts travelling through Europe to that end. They plan on running the bus over the cliffs of the North Cape, of the Swiss mountains, and then of Cabo Sao Vicente in Portugal ... but things take a different turn than expected.

It's really fun to read the novel! Paasilinna's humour is a bit sarcastic, maybe weird, but I like it!

Membre inconnu - posté le 29/02/2008 à 20h12


I am now reading "Lasher", by Anne Rice. It's the second book of a series, but I didn't know it and read the third book ("The Mayfair Witches") first. Then I had to start with the first one ("The Witching Hour") and now this one. I'll still have to read the fouth and last book and I'll be done. Can you tell I like Anne Rice?



Cristia - 70 ans - Canada - posté le 01/03/2008 à 05h10
Hors ligne

I'm reading "Gone with the wind" of Margaret Mitchell. I saw the film a long time ago but the book is really more complete. The feelings are really well described and we can almost feel them. I read it in English even if my first language is French. So it's not so easy particularly with the sentences written with the Southern american accent. It's about the Civil war in United States in the years 1860.

Cooktys - 43 ans - France métropolitaine - posté le 01/03/2008 à 15h48
Hors ligne

Hello !

I'm reading "Le Rituel de l'Ombre" by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne.

Good beginning in this book about "franc-maçonnerie".

Before, I read "the Last Templar" (i don't remember the author) but it was a good thriller !



Solb - 74 ans - Canada - posté le 17/03/2008 à 16h24
Hors ligne

Bonjour en ce moment je lis le livre :Revient Mahomet,ils sont devenus fous

ce livre est des chroniques de la barberie islamique ordinaire et tenez vous bien écris par un islamiste lui meme qui n'en revient tout simplement pas.Mais en meme temps cela me fait comprendre pourquoi ses peuples réagissent comme cela