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What are your favorite music groups/bands ? - Page 2

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Membre inconnu - créé le 30/12/2007 à 20h48

I love Japanese music, so I'd have to say some of my favorites are Arashi, An Cafe, Gackt [who recently joined SKIN], and... I feel like I forgot someone... But, ohh well. Those three are my top favorite Japanese artists, though I know many more.

From Korea, I love DBSK [Dong Bang Shin Ki]. They's pretty cool.

And from artists which sing in English, I like Avril Lavigne, Evanescense, Nickelback, and plenty more, of course.

I also like t.A.T.u., but I forget what their native language is...

So, your turn to share!! Let us see if we have any common music interests, okies?!

Flammebleue - 48 ans - Maroc - posté le 13/04/2008 à 22h15
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I like to listen to new age music and especially yanni, his latest album ethnos is sublime. I urge you to listen to the works of this artist.

Membre inconnu - posté le 14/04/2008 à 13h00

Hi everybody!!!

My favourite group is BB Brunes, it's french band!

But I love Kyllie Minogue, Mika, Lily Allen.

Rihanna sing a very good song, and i love Amy Winehouse's voice, don't you?

Kata008 - 38 ans - Hongrie - posté le 18/05/2008 à 15h48
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I like it the japan music: Gackt, Miyavi, Gazette, An Café, Aya Matsuura, Kinki Kids

Korean: DBSK- TRiangle :blush:

Gackt very handsome man, and he has a wonderful sound.

Aradalwen - 38 ans - France métropolitaine - posté le 06/11/2008 à 20h44
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I like gothic and symphonic metal (Tristania, Dark Sanctuary, Epica, etc etc etc !!), J music like Ayumi Hamasaki, Kokia and The Gazette... and classical music...

Milathea - 40 ans - France métropolitaine - posté le 03/05/2009 à 10h59
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I listen to heavy, death, black, thrash or pagan metal.

Sonata Arctica, Death, Carcass or Ensiferum for example

Membre inconnu - posté le 30/07/2009 à 12h28

Hi !

I like to listen to the following groups: Coldplay, Genesis, U2, Scorpions...

I also like listening to Peter Gabriel, Mark Knopfler...

Have a nice day !

Charlotte13 - 25 ans - Belgique - posté le 29/10/2012 à 15h38
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My favourite boysband is One Direction . I listen Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, IM5.