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8 membres correspondent à vos critères.

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Correspondante Singapourienne Chatsgris

Hello everyone. I'd like to improve my french so I hope there's someone out there that can be my correspondent. I want to see the world while I'm still fit to do so, and on the way perhaps find myself some lasting friendship.

Correspondante Singapourienne Jaslynology

I'm actually 16 years' old and I'm going to study Biomedical Science in a polytechnic here in Singapore for 3 years before I start pursuing my studies in University. My ambition is to become a gastroenterologist or cardiologist. (:

Correspondante Singapourienne Trisianna

I'm an 18 years old jewellery design student, currently living in Singapore. I absolutely love art and literature - poetry in particular. I enjoy going to theatres to watch plays and concerts. I'm into JRock, Classical, Alternative and Western Rock music. I also love video games, anime and manga, le...

Correspondante Singapourienne Pat30

Merci de vous présenter en quelques lignes.

Correspondante Singapourienne Sugorgor

Merci de vous présenter en quelques lignes.

Correspondante Singapourienne Octaploid

Bonjour! Ravi de vous rencontrer :) j'ai 18 ans. J'aime faire du ping-pong et je veux être médecine!

Correspondant Singapourien Kchang

I have a small social circle and would like to know more frens. People who have the same predicament as me, I hope to get to know u... =)

Correspondante Singapourienne Siriusnr

I am an outgoing person who is always looking for something new to do. I enjoy reading and watching movies. On the weekends, I like to be outdoors.

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