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Marre de la Pluie

Dernière connexion : le 31/05/2009 at 01h17
  • Pseudo : Mo
  • Age : 59 ans (Cancer)
  • Sexe : Féminin
  • Pays : Etats-Unis
  • Ville : Chicago
  • Etat/province : Illinois
  • Situation familiale :
  • Religion : Catholique pratiquant
  • Profession : Autre
  • Personnalité :
  • Style : Sportif
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Présentation rapide (langue maternelle)

I live in the USA. I am married and have two children - a girl and a boy.

I like sailing, gardening, traveling, and almost any activity outdoors.

I love to read. I'll read almost anything, but my favorite genres are realistic fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. It would be hard to narrow down a list of favorites to just a few.

I love to write and am very good about writing back quickly.

I have traveled to five continents so far (not Africa or Australia - yet!) and would love to correspond with anyone from anywhere.

Sadly I can only write in English. :( I have tried to learn Spanish, and I can understand some, but am no good at speaking (or writing!)

Qu'attend-elle de la correspondance sur Penpal Tradition ?

I would like to exchange messages with anyone who is interested, as I love to read and write. I can get along in Spanish if I am desperate, but really I can write only in English. I am pretty good about checking messages often, and responding right away. I look forward to corresponding!

Ce qu'elle aime

I love my family most of all.
I love sailing.
I like to garden, but am not very good at it.
I love to travel.
I care deeply about the environment and enjoy camping and hiking.
I love to read almost anything. I like to hear what others are reading, and I like a good book recommendation.

Ce qu'elle n'aime pas

I do not like crowds or large parties. I like people, but I prefer one-on-one or a small group.
I do not care for phony people, or those who put others down.
I do not like cruelty of any variety, directed toward people or animals.

Ses préférences de correspondance

  • Langues : Anglais  
  • Tranche d'âges souhaitée : sans préférence
  • membres Masculins et Féminins
  • Pays recherchés :
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